A 24 year old Iraq War Veteran shot at four people and then killed a park ranger over the holiday break.  We want to know if we should feel bad for this A-Hole because he was having a rough time….You be the judge!

You probably heard about this over the weekend.  There’s a dude in Washington who shot and killed a park ranger.  Dude’s name is Benjamin Barnes.  He’s a 24 year old vet who they found dead in a creek two days after he killed the ranger with two guns on him.  All articles keeps saying how this guy was a Vet and how he struggled with a custody battle with his lady.  But all these articles make it out like we should feel sorry for this dude.  It’s believed that this guy shot four people at a house party, then blew through a checkpoint and got out of his car and shot a park ranger and killed her.  Are we supposed to feel bad for him?!
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