It’s MOTHER EFFIN LESBIAN STORY TIME!  LETS DO THIS!  Get all caught up as lovely ladies from the STL Area call in and tell us their most LESBIAN EXPERIENCE!  Yes – it’s JO TIME!
Check out all the fantastic Lesbian action by listening to the player below.  Yup!  It’s that awesome!

A new study suggests that more than half of the women population are attracted to other women. According to a latest research, it claims that it is perfectly normal that most women are naturally bi-curious when it comes to sex, and it becomes more pronounced the older they get. Boise State University found that in a group of 484 heterosexual women, 60 per cent were sexually attracted to other women; 45 per cent had kissed a woman, and 50 per cent had fantasies about the same sex. Other data suggests upwards of 20 per cent of women are attracted to other women. It’s claimed this could be linked to the way women socialise from chatting on the phone for hours to snuggling during chick flicks.
- A chick met someone on Craigslist and hooked up with a chick in the back of a car while he drove around
- A woman opened her fantasy closet and first it was just her and the lady…and then he joined in!  ((BONUS: She has a legit evil laugh))
- A chick and her best friend made her exboyfriend jealous by hooking up while he was on the phone!
- A lady went to the strip joint with her boyfriend during the afternoon – and ended up hooking up with one of the strippers!
- A woman hooks up with her guy friends wife pretty much every time they hang out!  WOO HOO!


One thought on “LESBIAN STORIES! (1-24-12)

  1. First off what up ninjas?! Oh and happy birthday Rizz. Just a thought I had to keep the fountain of lesbian stories going how about having a poll at the end of the segment for the best story and the winner gets a Patricia’s gift card. That would be like a lumber company planting a tree after one was cut down. Thanks and Suck it!

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