Today’s stupid photo of the day……..Check out this laundry tag (probably from Rush Limbaugh’s favorite shirt). WARNING: You might have seen tags like it online before, but it still might give you a laugh.  Or make you disgusted.  Either way, right? It looks like a normal tag with a ton of washing instructions . . . but there’s an additional instruction…….

Here’s the article about it (From MSN.com)

Furor over washing instructions on pants

A pair of chinos has sparked a Twitter debate over what’s funny and what’s downright sexist. Emma Barnett, the digital media editor for the U.K.’s Daily Telegraph tweeted a pic of the washing label on a new pair of pants her boyfriend purchased. The label gives wearers basic cotton instructions, as well as the tip, “or give it to your woman, it’s her job.” The company that sold the pants, Madhouse Fashion, responded by tweeting that it had failed to proof the care instructions, which it says were “clearly meant to be a joke,” and “will be more careful in the future.”

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