One of our favorite things is when Rizz gets frustrated with emailers/texters. He cracks us up when the idocracy of people shines through. Well – someone emailed in and got him all fired up. You HAVE to listen to the audio!

Some people took up with some issues that Rizz had with Ron Paul and what he had to say about the caucusus that went down over the weekend. The funniest thing is that he didn’t really say ANYTHING that the emailers said he was.

Funny thing is that Rizz is probably the most informed person when it comes to Politics and everything. Patrico is completely checked out and Woody is in the know, but not as much as Rizz. He’s actually pretty well READ on the whole thing.

So listen to this audio…and watch Rizz UNRAVEL as people question him on the email, via text, and his nightmare keeps going and he tries to defend himself.



  1. Ha ha ha, Rizz you should go ahead and watch these couple of clips. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lYaZ3C5e5g and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoOX9p07xOk Firstly, Israel Prime minister tells us that Israel can protect itself and doesn’t need the US to protect it. Second, Ron Paul isn’t opposed to earmarks. he is for them because it gives congress (the people we elected) the say in where and what we spend money on. If those legislators dont earmark the authority to pick where the money goes to the executive branch and there is no way to track where it goes after that. next, Ron Paul is all for increasing national security. He does think we should protect the homeland, but invading other countries is a bad idea. It bankrupts us and makes little kids grow up to despise Americans for destroying their country and culture. Lastly, Ron Paul isn’t isolationist as you claim. He wants to open up trade with Cuba. He just doesn’t want to go over and tell others how they should run there government or lives. Im not here to call you stupid, but please try to be more accurate next time you go to talk about Dr. Paul. The RP supporters listening know where RP stands on the issues, but the rest of your listeners will probably take your word for it. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to like Ron Paul if you don’t want to. I have a sneaky suspicion that if you took the time to hear his speeches you might find that there are probably alot of things you can agree with him on. Ron Paul is a solid guy and he has massive respect for the constitution. That is his guidebook, the constitution. For example he’s not opposed to war, he just wants the president to go to congress to declare the wars. When that doesn’t happen we end up fighting endless wars. We just need to define the enemy and take them out and get it over with. One last thing, You mentioned something about foreign policy not being the cause of the terrorist attacks. Well if we believe that they hate us and want to kill us because were free and prosperous, we are disillusioned. If that was the case, then why aren’t they attacking the Swiss or the Canadians? Watch this clip too, it might give you something to think about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldgbOxDX6DE&feature=related In closing, I urge you to watch this one last clip. It is probably my favorite and it really gets people thinking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKfuS6gfxPY This video was originally a Ron Paul speech but it has been redone. It also addresses your foreign policy concerns. I cannot believe this guy emailed you and called you an idiot. the guy that sent that email has the wrong idea if he thinks calling people dumb for disagreeing with him will get Ron Paul anywhere. I am not telling you that you must like everything about him, but please give us RP supporters some dignity. We don’t all agree with everything he says but at least he is honest and up front with us. I know that there is at least somethings that you can like about him. He stands for civil liberties, the constitution (following the rules), and fixing our economy. He doesn’t go around campaigning promising every person in every city something. He has been saying the same message for the past 30 years. I still can’t figure out why all of the moderators at the debates, and news anchors talk down on him so much. People think the guy is a nut job before they ever take the time to hear him make his point. I think it because of the media goons talking bad about him. If you take just a few minutes to look him up on youtube or something you can make your own opinion without letting the opinions of the news people mold your impression.(Not all news anchors are bad, just most) The Ron Paul sites woody mentioned are good, but not as the emailer says unbiased. They do show Paul speaking for himself tho which is good. Make your own mind on who and what to support. My only thing is that not all Paul supporters are crazy and getting mad over others opinions. Mostly we are normal people, (not world of warcraft or whatever Woody said) that are backing Paul because we are losing trust in the government. If we sit back and let the constitution be shred to pieces then we lose our freedom. Freedom is what makes America great. Paul is the candidate for the people who want to take back the constitution and use it to protect us from the government as it was intended. The constitution wasn’t written to give the government the power to control us. It was written to protect us from the tyranny of an uncontrollable government. If you read this much, thanks for listening. If not, then who freakin cares. I didn’t mean to write so much I just kept having more stuff come to mind as I went. Watch the video clips in the links and see if you have just a small change of heart.

  2. I love the show but Rizz’s rant really didn’t help his cause. Repeating opinions, half truths and some complete inaccuracies that he heard from the mainstream media outlets doesn’t mean he’s right. But honestly why even let this kind of stuff be a distraction from your show? Many listen to your show as an escape from those kind of discussions. Just ignore it next time and spare your listeners the pain of injecting politics into their morning.

  3. Happy birthday Riz,
    Hey buddy. You should have took a minute to prepare a little more. As Soul Hole said, you did just repeat a bunch of stuff the mainstream media says. Opinions, half truths, and some inaccuracies. You are correct that ‘some’ say his foreign policy is dangerous. One the otherhand, his foreign policy does make sense when you break it down. Overwhelmingly, the troops support Ron Paul more than any other candidate. And be careful calling the Iranians ‘the enemy’. I pray that we don’t go starting another indefinite war in the middle east. As Dick Smack said, we should also listen to the Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Natinyahu. There is a youtube video where he specifically tells the US that they can handle their own and they don’t need us to send our troops to Isreal. If they can handle it the threat, then why waste the money to step in anyway. I mean, we have way bigger problems to deal with at home that won’t benefit from spending money to protect Israel when even Natinyahu tells us they are fine without us. I don’t care too much for politics, but hearing Ron Paul offer us something different than the others opened my eyes. I don’t think he has a chance at winning the nomination and as Woody said, it sucks that we have a 2-party system. Ron Paul is a liberiatarian for sure. I think he runs as a Republican mainly because we only focus on Democrats and Republicans. If he has any chance at spreading his message to a large crowd it comes from nationally televised debates. All of this delegate mumbo jumbo is part of it too. He might not win the nomination, but his delegates will be a show of support for his ideas which will hopefully translate to a broadening acceptance of his views. Rizzuto if you don’t like Ron Paul I understand why. The media bashes on him constantly. Most of your rant was just a reflection of what the media outlets protray. Ron Paul isn’t like the other candidates with one line responses. He is like a college professor that wants to explain exactly why and how everything works before he offers his resolution to an issue. If you don’t listen to the how and why first, everything he says sounds radical. When he explains it, he sounds perfectly rational. Enough on my rant, now I want to share this video with you. It reminds me of the Mitt Romney Please Stand Up song. I like Ron Paul but it still makes me laugh. ‘Ron Paul’- A Bad Lip Reading Soundbite. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvahywQKeFc

    • If you wanna talk about brainwashed sheep……..RON PAUL SUPPORTERS. You were given very specific reasons why I disagree with his foreign policy. Again, we can agree to disagree. Believe it or not, this is the information age……the info IS out there. May I suggest that YOU don’t get all your info from Ron Paul’s website and look at what is ON THE RECORD. Thanks for remembering my birthday. Very nice of you. –Rizz

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