Check out today’s DUMBASS CONTEST: WILL IT FLUSH! It’s a fan favorite and the studio WAR-LET is back in action.  We take a shot glass and see if our Kohler can choke it down!  Check out the video and play the game at home.  What do you think….”WILL IT FLUSH?!”

Check it out…see if today’s SHOT GLASS was able to make it’s way down the Studio Toilet or did the Kohler get all choked up when we tried to shove it down there. 

The rules:  It must go ALL THE way down…till the point where you can’t see it.  It does NOT have to show up in the trap at the bottom of the toilet…just simply be out of sight to constitute as a “FLUSH!”

Here is the today’s WILL IT FLUSH VIDEO!

Here is one of our personal favorites.  It’s the Toilet vs. a Bar of Soap!

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