Today’s HEADLINE HOOSHE has us introduced to a great-grandma babysitter…who is only 50 by the way.  And guess what…she couldn’t do no babysittin unless she had been sauced up on her Jim Beam!  Ye haw Grandma!  That’s how you babysit!

Police arrested a West Monroe woman after she reportedly got drunk and passed out while she was babysitting her two great-grandchildren. Kimberly King, 50, was arrested Thursday after a complaint was filed by her granddaughter.According to the arrest affidavit, King’s granddaughter left her 1- and 2-year-old children with King while she went to work. When the complainant came back four hours later, police said, King was passed out. Police say both children had soiled their diapers to the point that the diapers were falling off. Police found King in the bed where officers shined a flashlight in her face and woke her up. King had no visible injuries, police said, but said she told them she drank a fifth of Jim Beam bourbon whiskey while the children were in her care. King was arrested and charged with two counts of child abandonment.

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