Today’s HEADLINE HOOSHE introduces us to an Oklahoma man who had a mobile meth lab EXPLODE in his pants….that is an instant classic and total Headline Hooshe!
A portable meth lab exploded in a Mounds man’s pants early Friday morning as he struggled with an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says meth was leaking down Davis Williams’ leg as he tried to run away from a trooper just after midnight.  The trooper had stopped an SUV for speeding. After giving the driver a ticket, the trooper began to question the passenger, Davis Williams, about a chemical smell. The OHP says Williams, 54, then took off running, but the trooper caught him and a struggle ensued.   “After a brief struggle it was determined there was an active meth lab in his pants that burst during the struggle and got all over his body,” said OHP trooper Shiloh Hall. Medical personnel checked out Williams and the road was closed so emergency crews could clean up the scene. Williams was booked on a complaint of manufacture of a controlled and dangerous substance. The driver of the SUV was not arrested.

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