Ok, seriously…….this is one seriously messed up video. A traffic cop in Vietnam gets hit by a truck and is cut in half. For about five minutes, bystanders surround him but don’t know what to do. Idiotically, no other cops, ambulances, doctors, anyone, show up. The poor guy just lies there. However, the video does end at a little over 5 minutes when the ambulance finally shows up.

He realizes what is going on, and it’s like he keeps trying to stuff his guts back in. What’s even more weird is he keeps up a running conversation with the crowd around him the whole time and does not even appear to be in tremendous pain. It’s almost like he’s asking, “Hey, could you stuff my guts back in and put my legs back on please? This is really a drag lying here chopped in half you know. For one thing, I can’t get up.”

People are complaining about the bystanders and saying that they are not doing anything. This is translated into a cultural critique of Vietnam being a backwards Third World mess where life is not valued. However, if you translate the soundtrack from Vietnamese to English, a different picture emerges.

The people are crowding around, telling him to be calm, that they have called the police, but the ambulance is being slowed down by traffic. Others are trying to stop traffic so the ambulance can get through quicker. Yet others suggest getting a local doctor who lives nearby. A Christian woman tells him to pray to Jesus to save himself.

The man says, “I’m going to die…”

At one point, angrily, he says, “Stop taking pictures of me!”

This is making the rounds on the Internet these days and it’s getting pretty popular. It was on Youtube for a bit, but it quickly got removed.

I can’t handle the beheading or murder videos on here at all. I watch em once or twice and then never again. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me, but this video did not really upset me. For some reason, I thought it was funny. I mean, the guy’s chopped in half lying in the street, and he’s acting like there’s nothing wrong. He’s looking around at the crowd, and it’s like he’s asking them about the weather. Plus, you don’t see the guy die, so it’s not so horrible.

The poor man died on the way to the hospital.

There is some confusion between this man and Peng Shulin, a Chinese man who suffered a similar accident. That incident occurred in China in 1995, and this incident occurred in Vietnam just recently. Peng Shulin survived, but he no longer has legs and has to hop around like a human frog.

[wpvideo 6f8JBet8]


  1. Gross. bystanders should b ashamed of themselves. i would have covered him and held his hand. they knew that was the end for that dude. i feel real bad for that dude. u shouldn’t have to go out like that.

    • Really!? What would you have covered him with? One of the other eight people on your F’n Scooter! This didnt happen in America! People dont just drive around in their Audi A8′s with their bug-out bags in the trunk! Everyones a hero/badass on the f’n interwebs!

  2. so I feel pretty fucked up for watching all five minutes. I don’t know why I watched it all because I was only curious as to what a man cut in half looked like. But I’m apparently a sick fuck and sat there watching it for five straight minutes. Sign of a true American.

  3. As a firefighter it is kinda amazing to watch this knowing that it is a simple miracle he stayed alive that long. you could tell he was in complete shock by the way he kept feeling at his guts and trying to look.

  4. I agree with Hoss. I would hope if it were me or someone I deeply care about, that someone would hold my hand, pray with me, and give my last message to my family. I’m a Army vet–I’ve seen some stuff but I only lasted 36 seconds into this video and wish I hadn’t seen any of it. My mistake for clicking it. I’m no saint or religious “Freak” but I am a Christian and I prayed for that man. Hope to see him again running in heaven. God Bless

  5. Anyone else having a problem watching this on their iPhone? I put in my bday then it shows the video but w a line through the play button

    • Not sure why, but you’re right. The video isn’t playing on iphone. However, it does work on a computer an droid phones. Flash issue? Not sure –WAR

  6. omg!!!! that made me sick! that poor, poor, poor guy! i kept looking at his face and thinking to myself what is he thinking???? i mean what would you be thinking???? omg i can’t believe i watched it! i knew i would though… guess i am fucked up too! he was trying to sit up omg!!!! pain where is the pain? it was kinda like that movie signs when she is pinned up against the car but still alive! omg! i feel different now! wow…. ok well sweet dreams to me! bless his soul!

  7. it’s sad that i am totally UN phased by this video . people were walking around him trying to look inside his ribcage his skin is very stretchy i might add…… but on the plus side his family wont have to purchase a full sized coffin ……..

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