So, with everything going down in North Carolina…people were wanting to know if Obama is down with gay marriage.  Well Joe Biden made it pretty apparent what he thought, so yesterday…Obama weighed in

In a sit-down interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts, Obama completed what has been a markedly long and oft-mocked evolution on the matter. “I’ve always been adamant that gay and lesbian Americans should be treated fairly and equally,” Obama told Roberts, in an interview that will air in full on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Thursday. The statement constitutes an act of political bravery on the president’s behalf, as well as a major victory for the gay rights community, which has been pushing him to declare his support for marriage equality for several years. With the issue back in the news this week, the pressure intensified. On Sunday, Vice President Joseph Biden told NBC’s “Meet The Press” that he was personally comfortable with same-sex marriage, which was followed the next day by Education Secretary Arne Duncan saying the same.

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    • Can’t speak to this BLOG POLL……but the text polling we did on the air today show that 75% of our listeners are cool with Gay Marriage. –WAR

  1. America is going bankrupt and CNN spends all their time campaigning for gay rights. Now we have to listen to it on the point

    • Civil and equal rights are very important to gay people and their families and to people that believe that all men and women are created and have an inherent right to pursue happiness.

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