The latest lottery fiasco is going down in Chicago.  Coworkers from a bakery won $118 MILLION, and three others are now suing, saying they deserve a share.  Those other three didn’t contribute, but DID throw in the week before when the group won $9.  And THAT money went toward the winning ticket.

If you and the coworkers in your office pool actually win the lottery, prepare to be sued.  Because these days, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for a group of coworkers to win big money without some of their other coworkers getting litigious. The latest case is in Chicago.  Back on the 4th, a group of coworkers at the Pita Pan Old World Bakery won a $118 MILLION state lottery jackpot. And now, three of their coworkers are suing.  The week when the group won, they didn’t throw in any money. But the week before, they DID, and the office pool had a tiny win of $9. And THAT money was put toward the May 4th lottery ticket.  So they say they deserve a piece. They also say they WOULD’VE thrown in as usual for the May 4th lottery, but no one asked them. In similar cases in New Jersey and Ohio, courts have sided with people who were in their same situation, and awarded them equal pieces of the jackpot.

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