Today’s Sports has us chatting the Cardinals, and the streaker from last night. A great website to check out about Albert.  Some NBA and NHL playoffs and a interesting WEBSITE about BASEBALL FACTS

The Cardinals fell to the Phillies last night 10-9.  Funny thing went down at the game though.  Their was a streaker  – a legit naked streaker on the field – last night.  But the funniest thing was David Freese’s comment after the game.  He said, “He was naked…he’s not carrying much.”  HAHAH!  Cards and Phillies are back at it again today…first pitch at 7:15.

Funny website you gotta check out called  It’s random guys with more homeruns than Albert…and there is a lot of them.

Last night in the NBA the HEAT have eliminated the Pacers in 6 games and head to the Eastern Conference Finals….They will now wait to see if they are going to take on either the 76ers or Celtics after their Game 7 tomorrow.

Tonight the Rangers/Devils have their game 6 as the Devils are up 3-2 in that series.  If the Rangers win, Game 7 will be on Sunday.  The winner of that series takes on the Kings in the Cup Finals.

Finally – check out the list of 12 things that have only happened in baseball ONCE.  It’s actually really interesting! See it here!

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