Today’s HEADLINE HOOSHE has us introduced to two old men fighting over $5 bucks.  Now, this isn’t much, but when you incorporate some nudity, gun threats, trailers, a dog, and things being thrown at people…it’s elevates it to instant HOOSHE!
TWO GRUMPY OLD GUYS IN ATHENS, Georgia, had a dispute Tuesday over a $5 debt.  The 74-year-old man who was owed the money hopped into his wheel chair and rode it over to the trailer park where the deadbeat lives.  The 74-year-old who supposedly owed the money called 911 at about 5 p.m. to report the disabled man arrived with his small dog, named Benji, and threatened to shoot him. When officers responded, they found the door to the man’s trailer wide open with him sitting inside with no clothes on, police said. Witnesses told officers they saw the two men arguing in the trailer’s yard, and that both men waved canes or walking sticks at each other, police said; one witness said the 74-year-old threw a crutch at the wheelchair-bound man. Things had cooled down by then and the police chose not to arrest anybody.

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