So as an added bonus, we are chatting about some REALLY FANCY folks acting extremely HOOSIER!  Who is the subject of today’s BONUS hooshe?!  Prime Minister David Cameron and another VERY classy wedding in Britain!

We ALWAYS call out bad parents who leave their young children in bars . . . and I can’t see why this case should be any different.  The latest deadbeat parents to leave their child in a bar are . . . the PRIME MINISTER OF ENGLAND and his wife. The story just broke in England, but about two months ago, Prime Minister DAVID CAMERON, his wife, and their three kids had lunch at a pub called the Plough Inn. Their eight-year-old daughter Nancy went to use the bathroom, her parents didn’t realize it, and they drove off with the two other kids. And they didn’t realize they’d left Nancy behind until they got to their home about two miles away. They assumed she was in the car with Cameron’s bodyguards.  But the bodyguards assumed she was with her parents.  She was actually still at the pub They turned around and got her immediately . . . she was alone for about 15 minutes.  No arrests were made and no charges will be filed. The staff at the Plough Inn says they weren’t exactly sure what to do when the girl came out . . . one staff member said, quote, “It’s not like you can look up David Cameron in the phone book and then [call] to say, ‘You left your daughter behind.’”

We hear about brawls at weddings all the time over here, but usually they’re at low-budget affairs.  You don’t usually hear about them happening at $60,000 weddings in fancy British castles. That’s exactly what happened over the weekend.  25-year-old Danny Gutherie is a professional British soccer player, and on Sunday he got married to 23-year-old Rebecca Middleman at the Allerton Castle near Harrogate, England. According to reports, even though it was an expensive and upscale wedding, everyone was HAMMERED . . . and as people were sitting down to dinner, a fight broke out.  How do people fight at a classy wedding?  In this case, it started with them THROWING LOBSTERS at each other . . . then ended when someone PUNCHED the bride in the FACE. She was taken to the hospital.  Police came to break things up, although they didn’t say if any arrests were made.  Then ended up having to come back two more times when more problems broke out throughout the night.

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