Today’s SPORTS REPORT has us chatting about the Cardinals, the NBA FINALS are over, and we chat about a FRIDAY SPORTS FAIL and Brandon Jacobs responds to the kid who sent him 3 bucks to stay in NY!


The Cards lost in 10 innings yesterday during an afternoon game with the Tigers in Detroit.  2-1 was the final.  Today the Cards are in KC to take on the Royals.  Joe Kelly gets the start for the Cards and first pitch is scheduled for 7:10PM.

Well, it’s over.  LeBron James has finally won his first NBA Championship as the Miami Heat beat the Thunder last night in Miami to win the series 4 games to 1.  James scored a triple double and was named the finals MVP.  As he celebrated he said, “It’s about damn time.”

How is this for a Friday Fail story.  As of Wednesday of this week…no one in the L.A Kings organization knows where the puck from their first Stanley Cup Championship in team history is.  Replays of the game show a Devils player picking the puck up with his glove, but after that…it’s a mystery.  Team officials say they are afraid the puck may never been given back to the team.

And finally here is an update on a story…remember the kid that sent Brandon Jacobs the $3.36 to come back to the Giants after signing with the 49ers?  Well, Brandon Jacobs, and his son, surprised the kid by showing up to his house with a bounce house.  The kids played for hours as Jacobs hung out with the boys family.  And, just for good measure, right before he left…Jacobs handed the boy a $5 bill.

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