The sheriff in a Texas hill country county says he will not bring animal cruelty charges against a man who carved “suck it” into a horse’s front teeth. But according to the ranch manager the man used a Dremel-like rotary tool to carve the letters in Cowboy the horse’s teeth. He also allegedly carved the letters “RR” in the teeth of a horse named Diablo.

CHECK OUT THIS WILD NEWS STORY: A horse named Cowboy has the words ‘suck it’ engraved deep into his front teeth. Whether or not the horse is in any pain has fueled a tug-of-war match between the horse’s owner, a concerned veterinarian and local law enforcement. After examining the horse back in April, Dr. Samantha Mixon said Cowboy is a clear case of animal torture. “His sensitive structures in his teeth were carved into using a power tool to spell the words ‘suck it,’” she said. The engraving allegedly occurred while Cowboy was at the Running R Ranch in Bandera. Mixon wants whoever was responsible to be held accountable. She also wants the horse to be placed in protective custody where he will never be sold to slaughter. Mixon filed a complaint with the Bandera County Sheriff’s Department last week after she found out Cowboy had been traded from the Running R Ranch in Bandera to a local horse trader.  Concerned that the horse was still in much pain, Mixon offered to buy the horse with $1,500 in donations that she raised online. But once she raised the money, she was told the horse was no longer for sale.

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