In today’s SPORTS we chat about this weekend results from the NFL.  Some good news from the NHL and we have some other FOOTBALL NOTES as far as coaches being FIRED and HIRED!


First things first…the nightmare is finally over…The NHL players and owners have finally reached a deal to end the lockout.   Early yesterday the lockout ended wrapping up the 113 days the league has stalled just under a week before a total cancellation of the league deadline.  There are still some final details to be worked out but it looks like a 10-year labor contract has been finalized.  You can get all the details on the HERE….but it looks like the already shortened season will start on either January 15th or January 19th and consist of around 48 to 50 in-conference games.

How about some NFL playoff results?  The Texans beat the Bengals in a snoozer on Saturday 19-13 and the Packers beat up on the Vikings during the night game.  The Ravens destroyed the Colts in Ray Lewis last home game in Baltimore 24-9 and Seattle got the best of a beat up RGIII and the Redskins 24-14.

This upcoming weekend games have the Ravens taking on the Broncos and the Packers vs the 49ers on Saturday and the Seahawks will play the Falcons with the Texans and Patriots going at it on Sunday.

Some NFL teams have new head coaches.  After a bunch of firings during the break, it looks like the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills have new coaches.  Former Eagles coach Andy Reid will join the Chiefs and Syracuse head football coach Doug Marrone (Muh-roan).  Other teams looking for a new head coach are the Cardinals, Bears, Browns, Eagles, and Chargers.

12th ranked Mizzou won a close won against Bucknell over the weekend 66-64.  Their next game is tomorrow in Columbia against Alabama.  Speaking of Alabama…the BCS National Championship is tonight as #1 Notre Dame takes on #2 Alabama in Miami at 6:30 on ESPN.

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