Well, it seems to be the theme today.  We are talking THREESOMES in today’s HEADLINE HOOSHE.  Now, all threesomes don’t have to be considered hooshe…but when you incorporate a woman pulling out a knife when two dudes deny her…then it becomes 100% HOOSHE!


This might be the first case we’ve ever seen where a man was arrested for his deep desire to be the father of a CENTAUR.  This happened in last year, but the details just came out over the weekend.  29-year-old Andrew Mendoza of Wharton County, Texas was busted having SEXUAL RELATIONS with his neighbors’ female horse.  And when the cops arrested him, he explained to them what was going on.  Quote, “I was trying to make the horse have a baby.  I was thinking it would have a horse-man baby.”  We’re not sure if the cops broke the news to him that it’s biologically impossible for him to impregnate a horse.  We’re also assuming he didn’t know the word “centaur.”  Andrew ended up pleading guilty to public lewdness and criminal trespass.  He got four months in jail.  He was also facing several other criminal charges from other incidents, and HANGED HIMSELF in the jail.

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