Today’s DISCOUNT news we have some stuff that you may have heard over the weekend or it could be new to you…but hell, that’s WHY we call it DISCOUNT NEWS…check out what’s going down today…


A shock jock who mocked a woman with Down Syndrome after she mistakenly called into his show has been suspended from an Ohio radio station.Kellie Baker, 30, who  has Down Syndrome, was trying to call a friend, but mistakenly dialed The Mo Show at Q92, a radio station near Canton, Ohio. DJ Mo issued an apology at 2 p.m. today on 92.5 WDJQ, stating that he is willing to meet Baker for a face-to-face chat. “At the time of the call, I honestly believed it was a prank. However, that doesn’t excuse what happened or what I did. I take full responsibility. I am truly sorry and I hope I can earn your trust back,” DJ Mo said in an audio file released BY Q92.


A Colorado second-grader may be suspended from his elementary school after he disobeyed a key rule of no weapons, real or imaginary, when he tossed an imaginary grenade Friday during recess and went, ‘pshhh,’ to indicate that the imaginary device detonated. Alex Watkins,7, who attends Mary Blair Elementary in Loveland, said he was playing the game “Rescue the World.” He plays the role of a heroic soldier out to rid the world of an evil threat. His duties led him to throw the imaginary grenade into a box he pretended contained evil forces. He said he didn’t make any threats and was playing by himself.


A news report from a Fox station in Fresno, California is a hit online right now.  And it’s all because of an awesome interview with a hitchhiker who took down a crazy, 300-pound, racist guy using a HATCHET. Basically, the hitchhiker . . . who’s some homeless surfer-dude named Kai . . . was in the passenger seat when the guy who picked him up started claiming to be JESUS. Then for no reason, the guy rammed his car into the back of a utility truck, pinning a utility worker between the two bumpers.  Then he got out of the car, started saying racist stuff to a woman who ran over to help, and attacked HER. So Kai grabbed the HATCHET that he apparently carries with him at all times, and went after the guy with it.  Eventually, the cops got there and arrested the driver, who reportedly had a pretty nasty head wound form the hatchet. Now the news report is all over the Internet.  And the reporter who talked to Kai about it also posted the raw, uncensored interview, which is WAY BETTER.


Last week, a 32-year-old in Minnesota recorded a University of Minnesota college basketball game, and didn’t want it spoiled.  A few days later, he still hadn’t watched . . . but he heard the score when a utility worker outside was listening to sports radio.  So he threatened to KILL the worker, then barricaded himself in his house.  After a SWAT team standoff, he was arrested for felony terroristic threats

This week, 37-year-old Christopher Harris of Fort Worth, Texas was convicted for the THIRD TIME for biting off someone’s body part.  In 2001, he got nine months in prison for biting a man’s finger off.  In 2006, he got four years in prison for biting off a different guy’s finger . . . and CHEWING and SWALLOWING it. And this time, he was convicted of BITING off half of a man’s nose.  The nose couldn’t be reattached. The assistant district attorney prosecuting him told the jury, quote, “This man exhibited cannibalistic behavior time and time again.  Three people are physically scarred because of his utter lack of self control.” He was convicted of aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury and got 15 YEARS in prison.

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