Patrico has 90 seconds to screw up your sports. That’s it. Not a second longer. So see what is going down with the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. Plus, we usually try to throw a really DUMB sports story in there. Will Patrico SCREW UP YOUR SPORTS?! There is no overtime…it’s a 1:30 or else.


If Donnie Fandango was feeling better last night, the Blues game probably made him sick to his stomach.  The team let a 4-1 lead turn into a 6-4 loss.  It was a fight fest at first, and then turned into an all out murder as Blues goalie Jaroslav Halak let up 3 goals in seven shots in the third.  Team is off tonight but take on the Coyotes Thursday in Phoenix.

Mizzou DESTROYED Arkansas and former Tiger head coach Mike Anderson yesterday.  And by destroy – that’s no joke.  The Tigers almost broke 100 as they picked up the 93-63 win.  Tigers are next in action on Saturday against Tennessee.  SLU in action tonight against Xavier…with a win the Billikens will at least SHARE the A10 Conference Championship….it will be the first time since 1970 that SLU is a conference champ.

Yesterday, Major League Baseball executive vice president Joe Torre said that the league intends to expand the use of instant replay for the 2014 season, and will be looking over the following year which calls to review and how to do it. Commissioner Bud Selig has said he wants to add video reviews for trapped balls and “fair-or-foul” calls, but MLB officials also are considering reviewing close plays on the basepaths, such as tags, and other controversial calls.

Oh dude…you want to see a cringe worthy video?  Check the blog right now to see Mac Staal from the New York Rangers, take a slapshot right to the face.  It’s a crazy video that for sure will make your skin crawl, but you sick bastards can see it below…





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