Here we go…St. Louis makes ANOTHER LIST.  And if you count going out into the counties…the list is skewed.  However, if you look strictly DOWNTOWN….and if you look all the way out west….TWO ST. LOUIS AREAS ARE MAKING A LIST OF MOST DANGEROUS/SAFEST CITIES!

O’Fallon, Missouri has been named one of the safest cities in the country once again. According to officials, it is not just quality police work that led to the honor, but community effort leading to tips. Officers credit residents for for being so alert, and residents say it has led to a sense of comfort. The ranking is based on FBI uniform crime reporting. Crimes range from murder and rape to larceny and arson. O’Fallon ranks third safest in its population category and is the only Missouri city in the top 10. While police are city administrators are proud of the ranking, neither want the residents to ease up on their vigilance. The top crimes in the city remain those of opportunity, and police say findings like these can make communities like O’Fallon a target for theives looking for those residents lulled into a sense of security. St. Louis made the list as the second most dangerous city right behind FLINT, MICHIGAN.

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