Patrico has 90 seconds to screw up your sports. That’s it. Not a second longer. So see what is going down with the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. Plus, we usually try to throw a really DUMB sports story in there. Will Patrico SCREW UP YOUR SPORTS?! There is no overtime…it’s a 1:30 or else.


#16 SLU took on Xavier last night and lost their first in 11 games.  SLU came back and took the game to overtime…but Xavier ended up with the 77-66 win.  SLU closes their season at the Chafeitz on Saturday against La Salle.

The Blues have decided to go with Jake Allen for their starting goalie tonight against the Coyotes in Phoenix.  The team said that by blowing the 4-1 lead on Tuesday, they are looking for a drastic turn and think Allen is what is needed.  Puck drops tonight at 8PM.

The Cardinals have made an addition that is sure to make many fans happy.  #51 is back with the team with an official title.  Yesterday, the team announced they have hired Willie McGee as a special assistant to the general manager.  Willie will basically play a big role in instructing players in the minors and reporting back to the team.

A video you have to check out today….during the Leafs/Senators game last night…right off the bat a fight broke out.  It was 26 seconds into the game…and some dude from the Senators got KNOCKED the EFF OUT.  I’m talking lights out, arms up, knocked out.  Sucks because the team later announced that he suffered a concussion, but the video is crazy

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