BEST OF THE W.A.R WEEK & PODCAST (03/25 – 03/29)

On this week’s BEST OF THE WAR WEEK BLOG AND PODCAST we have a couple brand new DUMBASS CONTESTS! Plus we have some really great FREAKS OF THE WEEK…we do some PRICK BE TRIPPIN & BITCH BE TRIPPIN, light up another chick with a WHORING, plus, you can also find all your VIDEOS, AUDIO, and PHOTOS from the week HERE!


Today we are letting you guys call in and LIGHT UP someone that you think is deserving for a DOUCHEBAG OF THE DAY! All you need to do is hit us up and let us know who you are PUTTIN’ ON BLAST! Then we put it up for a VOTE to see who is today’s OFFICIAL….DOUCHEBAG OF THE DAY! READ MORE HERE

MAYOR FRED was in the building for the reading of the FREAKS! Check out the ads that we have found on Craigslist and find out who will become the next FREAK OF THE YEAR WINNER! Hear Fred read these nominees and then click the link to see who won this week and now leaves with the Jerry Sandusky Memorial Trophy! ALL YOUR FREAKS HERE…READ ON!

We did this a while back and now we are bringing it back! It’s the MONDAY MORNING CHECK IN! We want you to call and check in. Also we have you call in with your THREE WORD WEEKEND. Take a listen and see what others across the other area are calling in with! Comment in the section below with yours if you didn’t get through on the phone! LISTEN TO IT ALL HERE

So here is the story…A dude got into TWO back-to-back altercations. First, he called a woman a FAT BITCH and then he got into a fight who says that these guys were talking trash on him. So he took matters into his own hand and got into an ACTUAL fist fight with them. So, is this story GHETTO OR HOOSHE?! SEE THE VIDEO HERE

Yesterday’s SNOW STORM brought us some THUNDERSNOW! And this always reminds us of Jim Cantore and his Weather Channel report from a few years ago. So funny. People always ask where that “ROBBAY” clip comes from…well check it out here. SEE THEM HERE


It’s time for today’s DEATH METAL BAND SPOT LIGHT! Woody and Rizz have searched HIGH and LOW through the net and have found a FANTASTIC DEATH METAL BAND. We can only hope you enjoy this as much as we do! MET-HELL! THROW UP YOUR HORNS HERE

You have to see this photo. What the hell is this guy all about. He is a massage therapist who decided to get a little grabby with one of his female clients. It’s a pretty funny story…but the MUGSHOT is what TRULY makes this story great! We just couldn’t wait till next week to tell you. SEE IT HERE

GOT GAME WITH STEVE MANBALLS MASTERS! If you have a video game question or just curious about the latest stuff in gaming…check out the Got Game Segment with Steve “Manballs” Masters. ALL THE GOT GAME STUFF HERE

Today’s DUMBASS CONTEST is Sky Mall Price Is Right. We go through the SKY MALL magazine and pick out an item and you have to guess how much it is! There is a added bonus to today’s contest…maybe one of you fellas wants to buy this lovely item for your lady…even though a DUDE seems to be wearing it! CLICK HERE TO PLAY THE GAME!

Check out today’s THAT SUCKS STORIES. So, maybe you are thinking your life is terrible and everything is going wrong…read these stories…you’ll feel better. Because these stories will truly have you saying….THAT SUCKS! READ ALL THAT SUCKS STORIES HERE!

Woody had something happen to him last weekend. He had some random person come up to his young daughter and get right up in her face. Of course, she was being nice, but Woody asked..Why do you think you have the right to do that? That got us thinking….we have people calling in and texting in theirs as well as our “Why Do People Think It’s Ok To….” TAKE A LISTEN HERE


Today’s BITCH BE TRIPPIN segment…ladies – we love you – but sometimes you do and say some really crazy stuff. So – we gotta call you out. We took some calls and rocked out some news stories for today’s BITCH BE TRIPPIN! ALL STORIES AND CALLERS HERE!

A road rage incident in North Carolina resulted in GUNFIRE this past weekend. And now a husband and wife are being charged with multiple crimes, including firing a gun into the other driver’s car. There’s footage online that shows what happened right before the shots were fired. The whole thing allegedly started when a truck full of teenagers cut off the gunman’s car on the highway. SEE THE VIDEO HERE

We get TONS of emails sent over to the show. Some people letting us know about a funny video that they’ve seen, other people asking questions about the show, and sometimes people asking for advice. Kind of like this email we got earlier this week. After reading it, we ask you to decide…Is this the DUMBEST EMAIL EVER?! CHECK IT ALL OUT HERE

With today’s PRICK BE TRIPPIN…the ladies are off the hook for now and it’s all about the FELLAS and their PRICK BE TRIPPIN STORIES. Ladies, see, we are equal here. Sometimes dudes do some REALLY STUPID THINGS TOO! Gentlemen, be on notice…we will call you out as well! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Today’s DUMBASS CONTEST is PRESS YOUR LUCK! We give you a question – you try and answer. If you get it right – HUZZAH! Prize! If you get it wrong…you have to suffer all the doodie and dong pics because we give out your phone number on the AIR! PLAY THE GAME HERE

On Friday, a mixed martial arts fighter named Zac Chavez took on a guy named Dan MAINUS. Each time the announcers who were calling the fight said Mainus’s last name, it sounded WAY dirtier than it should have. SEE THE VIDEO


Today’s SEXY TIME FUN FACTS has us chatting about your hairstyles down below! We want to know what kind of haircut you have and actually have a listener submitted question we need help with. A female wants to know how do ladies keep it SMOOTH and SOFT down there. Let’s get right into it! SEXY TIME FUN FACTS CONTINUE HERE!

We have a strong feeling that the MOST ANNOYING GROUP PHOTO OF ALL TIME was taken in Las Vegas the other day. Because the group in the photo is comprised of Tom Green, Steve-O, Carrot Top, Flavor Flav and Criss Angel. We want to know who ELSE you would add to this SUPER ANNOYING PHOTO! PLACE YOUR VOTE HERE

Today’s DRIVE BY WHORING is for some woman who was dating a guy here in St. Louis when all of a sudden she went to North Carolina for closure with her ex. Well, it wasn’t closure, we she went to NC to meet up with her HUSBAND who just got back from serving the country OVER SEAS! Truly, a dirty rotten bitch! Let’s do this! CHECK OUT THE FULL WHORING HERE!

If you’ve ever flipped through a copy of “Cosmo”, you know how ridiculous some of their sex tips are. We’ve got a list of eight tips here. See if you can guess which ones are REAL sex tips from “Cosmo”, and which ones are fake. PLAY THE GAME HERE

So we got a phone call from a listener named DONNA who was apparently a little upset that we were playing FAT CHICK or SKINNY CHICK. According to Donna, we are racists and should never play the game again. She had a terrible phone connection though…so Woody had a plan to help her out. SEE THE VIDEO HERE

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a video of a drugged-up kid who just came from the dentist. It’s of a girl in Kansas named Abbie. And through the entire video of her car ride home, she can’t stop crying . . . because she’s convinced she MURDERED her wisdom teeth. SEE THE VIDEO HERE

Maybe you have the perfect plan. It was set and good to go. Then all of sudden, out of no where, ULTRA….FAILLLLL! You can read the stories, hear the audio, and watch the videos of ALL the FRIDAY FAIL STORIES! Plus, listen to Rizz and his “voice of an angel” sing the Friday FAIL THEME SONG! It’s glorious! ALL FAIL STORIES HERE!

Today’s DUMBASS CONTEST is Rockband, Race Horse, or Porno. We give you the name and it’s simple. You tell us. Is it a Rock Band…the name of a Race Horse…or…a PORNO MOVIE?! PLAY THE GAME HERE

Today we crown the HEADLINE HOOSHE STORY OF THE WEEK! All of the stories from this week about shooting, stabbing, cussin, fightin, animal humpin and more are put up for the vote. See who will move on and compete for the HEADLINE HOOSHE STORY OF THE YEAR! CHECK IT ALL OUT HERE





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